What's this all about?
San Francisco Story is a weekly email newsletter by me, Woody LaBounty. The over-arching topic is San Francisco history.

Why are you doing it?
While I write about local history quite a bit for work, I want to have a bit more freedom to research, riff, and share aspects of San Francisco's past that I find interesting. Also, a lot of pieces I've written in the past have disappeared as websites have gone defunct, so this is a way to bring those back online.

Does it cost money?
Nope. Just sign up. I do have a paid Friends of Woody tier. That gets you the Grab Bag email, which comes out every two-to-three weeks, and some other extra perks like history walks and beers with Woody. You can go with the monthly option ($7 a month) or pay for a whole year (a deal at $70). Cancel anytime if it's not your thing.

Why do your Friends have to pay?
Well, they don't have to, but the Grab Bag and extra stuff are more "Woody" than regular people may desire. There will be musings, random quoting, occasional family snapshots, and some inside jokes. One has to have some skin in the game for all that.

So I can pay to be your friend?
Yes. Yes, you can.

Will there be a podcast?
Maybe? Lots of folks know me from the very popular Outside Lands San Francisco podcast that I did for many years and I'd like to get back in front of a mic, but I'm going to have to see if I can find the time.

I have another question.
Just email me at woody [at] woodylabounty.com