Carville-by-the-Sea: San Francisco's Streetcar Suburb (2022 Digital Version)

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Carville-by-the-Sea: San Francisco’s Streetcar Suburb is a scrapbook history of one of the quirkiest communities ever imagined.

On the empty sand dunes of 1890s San Francisco, bohemians, judges, lady bicyclists, and sand-bath-prescribing physicians transformed old transit cars into beachside cottages and clubhouses. Creative carpenters stacked obsolete horsecars, cable cars, and trolley cars into mansions and churches. Famous capitalists, writers, painters, and journalists visited Carville-by-the-Sea to work, play, and enjoy the “oddest village in the world.”

One of the least-remembered episodes of a great city’s history, Carville’s heyday and the tale of its disappearance has been lushly revived in this digital book. Photographs and stories unearthed from personal archives and libraries bring a unique and fascinating community back to life.

This special digital version includes a new afterword by the author and a bonus section of Carville photographs and artwork.

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Ingleside Terraces: San Francisco Racetrack to Residence Park (Digital Version)

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A giant sundial dedicated by children dressed as fairies, a Chinatown boot maker who fixed horse races on the side, and a barrier-breaking Assistant District Attorney who discovered a cross burned on his front lawn are all part of the story of Ingleside Terraces, a unique San Francisco neighborhood with its racetrack past preserved by the oval of its main street, Urbano Drive.

This is a digital version of the sold-out original book!

$9.99 to download EPUB and PDF formats.