Woody Grab Bag #007

A history of where you can put your car...and more.

Woody Grab Bag #007
Initial rendering of the planned 5th and Mission Street garage

Welcome to the Grab Bag, the every-three-weeks-or-so history mish-mash made with loving care for the Friends of Woody. First off, you should sign up for this Zoom event, which is David and me at our best: talking about bars back in the day.

Roadhouse talk info
Register for the November 16th Roadhouse talk! David Gallagher is joining me (once again) to talk about the history of drinking establishments which once operated on the open roads and countryside of early San Francisco. We'll do the circuit from the Mission Road to Ocean Beach. I hope you'll join us online with your own beverage of choice. More info on the Events page.

Friends of Woody pay half-price! As they did for our fun Lone Mountain cemetery walk last Saturday:

Cemetery walk group
Happy group for such a "grave" subject.

And Friends will be able to get my printed San Francisco Story Annual next month (cover art, I think I can announce now, will be by the great Paul Madonna). And they will get membership cards designed by artist Christine Innes. And they get to read the rest of this Grab Bag... What lucky, privileged people. Now let's get to the meat and potatoes, a little essay I call: